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Proponents argue that providing this kind of information right to consumers may bring about improved compliance with health-screening practices and even more healthful lifestyle choices. Skeptics assert that such examining has the potential to cause harm, including nervousness and increased usage of unnecessary and expensive screening and medical procedures. The medical utility and validity of the tests haven’t been demonstrated, and given their price, many observers argue that their sale raises consumer-protection issues. Research of the psychological, behavioral, and clinical ramifications of genetic-risk disclosure for one diseases have generally been small and also have yielded somewhat mixed results.5-10 The Scripps Genomic Health Initiative was designed as a longitudinal cohort study to gauge the effects of direct-to-consumer genomewide scans.11 Topics purchased a commercially obtainable genomewide risk scan at a subsidized rate and underwent Web-based standardized assessments at baseline and during follow-up, with the aim of gauging shifts in anxiety level, diet plan, exercise, test-related distress, and usage of screening tests.