Not merely will the intro of this screening programme save lives it will improve the standard of living for those children affected by this problem National Clinical Director for Children, Sheila Shribman said: This is a very important screening programme and I fully support its implementation. Proof implies that screening newborn babies for this condition can not only conserve lives but it can significantly improve their quality of existence. Basic treatment through dietary management will reduce the risk of death and the chance of acute substantially, serious illness. Ministers asked the UK National Screening Committee to create a pilot study to supply essential evidence within an NHS setting of the scientific and cost efficiency of screening for this condition and the feasibility of implementation.HHS in July announced programs to award $1.75 billion in grants to states under a five-year plan that would allow Medicaid beneficiaries to reside in in their homes or within their communities, than in assisted living facilities rather. Under the program, states for just one year will receive a higher rate of federal Medicaid matching money for beneficiaries whom claims move from assisted living facilities into their very own homes or communities.