Alfalfa-Connected Salmonella Spreads to 16 States ATLANTA – An outbreak of salmonella that was tied to tainted alfalfa sprouts is continuing to grow to at least 94 cases in 16 states. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Tuesday said the case count experienced risen from 89 instances in 15 states during the past week, with California joining the list. More than half the full cases have been in Illinois. There have been no deaths. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration advised the general public not to consume alfalfa sprouts produced by the Tiny Greens Organic Farm in Urbana, Ill., because of possible salmonella contamination. Monday night time also includes a mix known as spicy sprouts The warning issued, which contains radish and clover sprouts.Most people get their images of scientists and research from Hollywood – a check out with a scientist is a great reality check, says Marts. Dr. Keith Crandall, President of the Society of Systematic Biologists agrees. Congressional visits are specially effective for areas like systematic biology as the importance of basic science is not always apparent to those outside of science. These appointments allow biologists to inform congressional associates of the exciting technology getting performed and its own potential contributions to society. The 2nd Annual Biological Sciences Congressional District Appointments event occurs throughout the month of August. Participating scientists and research facilities will talk with their people of Congress to show them first-hands the people, equipment, and processes associated with modern scientific research.

Abbott reports first-quarter 2013 results Abbott announced financial outcomes for the first quarter ended March 31, 2013.