‘We hope that after reading our research, radiologists, nurses, and technologists will concur that they must review the algorithms for dealing with contrast reactions on a regular basis ,’ said Dr. Cohan. ‘Actually, we would claim that such a review should occur at least twice a yr probably. However, additionally it is consoling to learn that even when individuals have moderate or severe contrast reactions, a large proportion recover promptly and without the long term complications,’ he said.. Effects to iodinated contrast media treated safely with commonly utilized medications Patients who have had acute allergic-like reactions to non-ionic iodinated contrast materials rarely develop any serious long-term problems and may end up being treated safely with commonly used medications according to a recently available study conducted by experts in the University of Michigan Hospitals in Ann Arbor.The psychiatric and mental health nursing category identified the Manual of Psychiatric Nursing Treatment Planning: Assessment Guides, Diagnoses, Psychopharmacology, 5th edition, by Elizabeth M. Varcarolis, with third place in the category. This pocket-sized clinical companion addresses all major disorders and materials the most recent diagnostic information available, like the DSM-5, for accurate assessment and diagnosis of patients. The AJN has published an annual best-of list in nursing publishing since 1969. The judges who review the submissions in the Book of the Year program are experts in their categories and select and write reviews of the very best three selections.