The FDA points out that others who have increased risk of HIV an infection including intravenous medication abusers, individuals who have received transplants from pet organs or tissue, individuals who have sex in exchange for the money or drugs and people who have traveled to or lived overseas in certain countries are also excluded. While the HIV check used to screen blood is fairly accurate, there is still a very slight risk of HIV transmission in about one out of 2 million models of blood.Holistic healthcareIn contrast to Western treatment methods such as hormonal contraceptives, which are targeted only at particular symptoms and which frequently carry serious unwanted effects, acupuncture is section of the holistic healthcare philosophy of traditional Chinese medication. Like all the different parts of Chinese medicine, acupuncture views the body as made up of interlocking systems that must all be in balance to create good health. Typically, acupuncture includes inserting long, thin needles into specific body locations indicated by the specific health complaint.