A Brief account on Eye Injury Compensation It is an acknowledged fact that the eyes are a delicate and complicated component of a human anatomy, which has been given protective shields, fortunately, by evolution. The socket in the skull which encloses the eyes and the eyelids both provide a degree of natural protection. Nevertheless the eye remains delicate and a substantial amount of folks are admitted to the hospitals each year with serious eyes injuries. And a higher %age of such accidents are actually at the workplace. Chemical substances or small objects may enter the optical attention during work. An eye injury could even include the cornea getting ruptured or scratched. Treatment means flushing the eye with saline solutions or sterilized water normally.This can help ensure immediate usage of test outcomes through the hospital's electronic medical record system, and to facilitate clinical decision whenever it is needed. Designed with Higher Performance Features The FreeStyle Accuracy Pro system features a new algorithm to correct for hematocrit interference. The test process occurs in five secs for prompt and accurate delivery of test outcomes. 2D Barcode Technology for Patient Identification The new program adds technology to learn newer 2D barcodes, which are becoming more prevalent in healthcare identification systems..