A’SNM has long been its members its members – in high quality care – patient this with adequate information is particularly necessary in today’s high – security environment, where patients could trigger some process incidentally radiation alarms in urban centers. Or on the go or on the road, ‘said SNM President Alexander J. Representing more than 16,000 doctors, technicians and scientists. ‘This study shows that while doing lots of information and special instructions for patients, there is still room for improvement and increased attention ‘said the Professor and Chairman, Department of Oncology, Faculty of Medicine, at the University of Alberta, and director of oncologic imaging at Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton, he pointed out that the company to work closely with the CDC and the U.S.

Ansari and Luba Katz of Abt Associates in Cambridge, Mass., reported their results in ‘Survey of Patient Release Information on Radiation and Security Checkpoints,’which December issue of the December issue of the Journal of Nuclear Medicine which of SNM largest molecular imaging and nuclear medicine society will be published.

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