A jet-dark lesion with ragged borders A guy presents with urticarial patches about his trunk and limbs. What exactly are these lesions and how as long as they be treated? Over a three-month period, a 57-year-old man developed pruritic urticarial patches over his trunk and limbs . The average person lesions would persist for times to weeks and coalesced to form plaques often. Skin biopsy showed an epidermis that was included in a loose stratum corneum. There is focal separation of keratinocytes , and the top dermis showed a perivascular interstitial infiltrate of lymphocytes and also many eosinophils. An early on subepidermal cleft was noticeable ..Jonathan Fielding, director of the LA County Department of Open public Health. Fielding added that the existing number of syphilis cases in the outbreak ‘will grow,’ as the ongoing investigation is certainly likely to uncover more situations, as the latest discoveries were produced through screening of the sexual companions of the earlier situations found, he said. All those infected are also in the market, nonetheless it remains unclear whether they contracted the condition on – or off-set, he said. In contacting for the moratorium, the Coalition urged performers to obtain tested for syphilis also to get penicillin shots before returning to sets.