Raymond P. Warrell, Genta ‘s Chief Executive Officer. ‘We believe that Genasense amply demonstrated its efficacy and safety in patients with relapsed or refractory CLL in a carefully designed and well-conducted randomized clinical trial While our primary focus for Genasense remains the timely completion of of our randomized trial in melanoma. Genasense mayre than two thirds of CLL remains an important indication. We plan to clinical and regulatory clinical and regulatory advisors in our evaluation of the next steps. ‘.. Genta receives Complete Response Letter From FDA to Amended Application of Genasense in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemiaGenta Incorporated today announced that the company achieved complete response letter from the Office of Oncology obtained from the Food and Drug Administration regarding the company New Drug Application is of by Genasens plus chemotherapy in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia .

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