Once remission offers occurred, chemotherapy is usually used to keep the child in remission. Maintenance chemotherapy is given in cycles over a period of 2-3 3 years to keep carefully the cancer from recurring. Leukemia will more often than not relapse if this extra chemotherapy isn’t given. Sometimes the cancers will return in spite of maintenance chemotherapy, and other styles of chemotherapy will end up being necessary. Some more aggressive types of ALL might require a stem cell transplant . This process involves destroying tumor cells and regular bone marrow and immune system cells with high-dose chemotherapy and then re-introducing healthful donor stem cells into the body. The brand new stem cells can rebuild a wholesome blood supply and immune system. If a child needs a stem cell transplant, a test will be achieved to help doctors find a suitable stem cell donor.The risks of the situation are only compounded by the CDC’s continued insistence that Ebola can only be spread through ‘immediate contact’ with body fluids and for that reason cannot infect health workers who are putting on isolation equipment. Before CDC comes clean and admits that Ebola could be spread via contaminated areas and aerosolized contaminants, health employees will continue to underestimate the potential of Ebola’s transmission vectors. This is no right time for sloppy science and shortcut medicineUnderestimating Ebola is an extremely serious mistake. One which could ultimately lead to an estimated 30 million deaths in the usa alone if an uncontrolled outbreak spreads across the nation. The rapid replication of Ebola among victims implies that nations have extremely narrow windows of opportunity to support the outbreaks before they spread beyond control.