Total knee replacement may be the definitive treatment for advanced arthritis. More than 95 percent of total knee replacements are anticipated to remain working 15 years after implantation, but there are ongoing issues with articular wear and related particulate-induced osteolysis.. Advancements in treatment for osteoarthritis of the knee Osteoarthritis may be the most common form of arthritis. Treated Properly, patients can enjoy good joint function and maintain their desired degree of activity.‘Lighting within a healthcare environment demands rigorous, continuous review of current standards and a keen knowledge of our customers’ unique lighting needs,’ said Steven Day, President of Health care Lighting. As experts in lighting for this customer set, we understand how to offer an optimal lighting encounter for caregivers and patients. We are customer-driven, using insights gained from the immediate perspectives of nurses, individuals, doctors, guests, and health care facility support staff. We are delighted to find ourselves aligned with an industry leader who’ll support the continuous development of brand-new and innovative lighting solutions for our customers,’ continued Day.