– To breathe a condition in which the sleeper stops temporarily Poor sleep can have many causes, including shift work, sleep apnea, snoring or even due endometriosis treatment . To date, only a sleep laboratory to determine whether a patient is suffering from sleep apnea or related sleep disorders. In a traditional sleep laboratory, the patient is monitored during sleep, for at least one night, is connected to cables and observed by a large number of measuring instruments, and cameras. Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS in Erlangen a mobile sleep a mobile sleep lab for home use.

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Over Heart Failureheart failure a chronic and progressive disease that occurs in greater than 5 million Americans with and more than 22 million people worldwide cardiac insufficiency, if the myocardium is not pump effective, the body’s need of blood and oxygen make impacted. In the late stages of heart failure the heart can not keep with the body’s demand for oxygen? rich blood and his ability to pump blood worsened, making a backup of blood is flowing in the heart. The other blood swimming pools in the pulmonary veins and causes liquid build the lung and other tissues. Moreover, if the heart does not pump correctly, some slight type can cause shortness of breath or breathing difficulties. Developing cardiac resynchronization therapy the contraction of the contraction bottom two two lower Appeal to improve effectiveness and the to increase perfusion hearts of the body.