Though it is a main health problem associated with aging, it is unknown whether the condition is a natural part of healthful aging or if it is due to an age-related disease that has yet to be diagnosed, such as Parkinson's disease or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis . Carrying out a recent study, researchers at the University of Missouri have established a model that identifies aging as a key factor in the development of dysphagia, which may result in new therapeutic remedies. ‘As people age, and especially once they're 50 and older, their capability to swallow quickly and safely deteriorates with each advancing decade,’ stated Teresa Lever, Ph.D., associate professor of otolaryngology at the MU School of Medicine and lead author of the scholarly study.Hicks, along with co-conspirator Wayne Smith, who pleaded guilty on Dec. 10, 2009, was in charge of traveling into Detroit neighborhoods and recruiting Medicare beneficiaries by providing them cash and prescriptions for managed substances. In exchange for their kickbacks, the clinic will be visited by the Medicare beneficiaries, typically powered there by Hicks and/or Smith, and sign docs indicating that they had received the services billed to Medicare. Hicks and/or Smith would obtain cash on a daily basis from co-conspirators for the purpose of having to pay the beneficiaries cash kickbacks.