The analysis also shows that obesity prevalence is Hispanic and black children than whites and Asians higher.The research offers evidence that obesity prevalence differs among racial and ethnic groups in the United States among children aged 4 years. This is the first study that national estimates of obesity prevalence among preschool children, the American Indian / Alaskan Native and Asian are include.

However, a recent study showed that the H5N1 virus to reach the human lung the human lung person person. If a person is infected, sneezing, little viruses are released into the air . Therefore, it is virtually impossible for a human to infect other people and very hard for people bird flu bird flu from birds. Since 2003, hundreds of millions of birds have died as a result of bird flu infection, but only 105 people.‘When children are small, her sleeping print faster so she steps sleep early, but where slow slow, such as for teenagers for young people, is difficult to sleeping,’says Carskadon.

Carol L.. In the November issue of bed Added the study suggests to as child tire, their internal sleeping, chemically is driven pressure increases slowly. As a result, teenagers only later the evening will sleepy. ‘We have found another part of of story – the mechanism in the brain that is based sleep pressure at a different rate among young people the in prepubertal children ‘, co-author Carskadon Carskadon, director of the Bradley Hospital the sleep laboratory and Professor of psychiatry and of human behavior at Brown Medical School.

The authors claim that the shift in sleep cycles for teens is easy another opportunity become physically prepare them for total aging.