AbbeyMoor Medical’s The Spanner temporary prostatic stent insertion process receives Category We CPT code AbbeyMoor Medical Inc. Announced today they have been granted a Category I CPT code by the American Medical Association for The Spanner short-term prostatic stent insertion method. This important action, effective in January 2010, upgrades The Spanner from a Category III emerging technology treatment code to a Category I procedure code for established techniques. This main milestone for AbbeyMoor Medical will provide access to The Spanner for urologists and their patients across the USA. The Spanner may be the only FDA approved short-term prostatic stent. Sufferers who wear the stent have indicated their choice for The Spanner over catheterization.Biospecimens included cord bloodstream, placental tissue, and fetal muscle and liver cells. Karyotypes had been analyzed in university-affiliated cytogenetic laboratories. DNA was extracted with the use of established strategies . DNA from kept frozen muscle mass and liver specimens was extracted immediately before microarray analysis. Analysis of Copy-Number Variants We analyzed samples using the Affymetrix GenomeWide Human SNP Array 6.0. Array data were analyzed with the use of Chromosome Analysis Suite, edition 1.0.1, and the NetAffx annotation database, version 28 , with data aligned to the Individual Genome release 18 . All copy-amount was included by us variants of 500 kb or larger inside our analysis.