– ‘This groundbreaking research provides new hope for therapeutic treatments for forms of cancer that are resistant to current therapeutics,’Sabbadini said. ‘The Sphingomab antibody is especially powerful as it showed tumors of a variety of cancers, such as to prevent to being against only one type of cancer effective opposition. ‘ – Sabbadini previous sphingolipid research led to the founding of Lpath Inc.. The research tested the antibody in mice tissue with resistant human breast, ovarian and lung cancer cell lines, as well as a mouse skin cancer cell line implanted. In ovarian cancer models, two of the five subjects displayed no tumors, and three subjects had tumors with 68 % less volume than that in the control group.

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As in the 14th March issue of Cancer Cell, a leading oncology journal Sabbadini and published published producing an antibody, Sphingomab , which are used as drugs to reduce the size of tumors in animal models of human cancer reduce.The indicative Details as far away from the children of, for developing countries under the responsibility out of the Chadian authorities, collected must be first be checked in the villages. The information has be shared with the government. In the coming weeks, UNHCR and UNICEF by to the support partner, to their efforts to ensure quick and perfect solution for each of said 103 children to find, so that they go home, go their families and living one child to live.

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To start collecting information the children’s families tracing is a laborious company and particularly challenging given the number of children, to their young age and the present situation in the region.