Any person with alcoholism who’s treated by a doctor should receive thiamine . Thiamine levels are low in alcoholic beverages dependent people often, and scarcity of this important vitamin may lead to Wernicke’s encephalopathy, a problem characterized in the beginning by the eyes looking in different directions from one another. If thiamine is provided in a timely fashion, this possibly devastating disorder could be completely reversed. In the emergency setting, thiamine is customarily given as an injection. Folate and magnesium tend to be given to people with alcoholism as well. Detoxification: This stage requires stopping alcohol consumption. This is difficult for an alcohol-dependent person, requires extreme self-discipline, and requires extensive support usually.Mendez said that infants born under 2 pounds 2 ounces constitute only 0.7 % of all births, but they account for 47 % of all infant deaths. The most important way for women to reduce the chances that their baby will die is to transport the newborn to full term, McCabe said. Second, women benefiting from reproductive technology must have only one embryo implanted, he said. Mendez added that prenatal treatment is key in preventing preterm births. Prenatal care is vital, he said. That can make all of the difference in the globe. Women shouldn’t drink, make use of or smoke medications during pregnancy.