Bertolini, chairman, President and CEO. Prodigy extends Aetna’s reach into the third-party administrator business while providing a separate option beneath the Prodigy brands that addresses affordability and quality for middle-sized and smaller businesses and clients who are primarily price-concentrated. Joseph M. Zubretsky, senior executive vice CFO and president, added, We believe that there are many of positive synergies to become obtained from our acquisition of Prodigy Wellness Group, including leveraging our service provider networks and PBM capabilities to grow membership and enhance our ability to develop customized systems in accountable care models.With tape, there is a statistically significant reduction in loudness at 0 cm and 25 cm: 84.2 dB and 68.2 dB . With glue, there was a statistically significant decrease in loudness at 0cm and 25 cm . The average duration of audio produced was 9.2 secs. Bottom line: Adding tape or glue to cover the audio speakers of noisy playthings can considerably limit the dB level of these toys. They are simple methods that parents is capable of doing to limit hazardous sound exposure from noisy playthings.