The entire case happened in a 15-year-old boy from Tasikmalaya District, West Java Province. He developed symptoms on 24 May, was hospitalized on 26 Might, and died on 30 May. Monitoring of family and close contacts provides detected no full situations of influenza-like illness. Related StoriesHiroshima University researchers demonstrate how Sendai virus escapes sponsor immune systemCamels in Kenya infected by MERS virus, fresh study findsMillions even more bird species killed by West Nile virus than previously thoughtOf the 49 cases confirmed to date in Indonesia, 37 have already been fatal. The H5N1 virus is considered firmly entrenched in poultry throughout much of Indonesia.This segment of AI development claims to be functioning ‘for’ humanity instead of ‘against’ it. But AI all together continues to be an existential threat to human being subsistence, these males and their colleagues warn. The endpoint of where AI technology can be headed appears grim, at least on its current trajectory. The unmitigated endeavors of AI programmers and visionaries should be reigned in to avoid the full-level annihilation of human civilization. Will AI robots be utilized to perform ‘less crunchy’ partial-birth abortions for Planned Parenthood? The first signs of this impending ‘robot apocalypse’ had been seen earlier this season at a Volkswagen assembly plant in Germany, in which a ‘smart’ robot with AI-like capabilities grabbed a factory worker, threw him up against a wall, and inflicted such severe accidents that the man later died at the hospital.