The challenge is to boost their immune response to cancers vaccines, because like the rest of our organs, our immune system ages and steadily becomes less effective as we get older. Dr. Joseph Lustgarten, from the Mayo Clinic University of Medicine in the US, reviews the effects of maturing on the immune system and strategies utilized to activate a more powerful antitumor immune response in the elderly, including genetic modifications in animal versions. Ageing of the disease fighting capability coincides with higher rates of cancer in older people. There is a wealth of research on the effects of harnessing the energy of the body’s personal immune defences to recognize and destroy tumors , yet very little of the ongoing work considers the effects of aging in the immune system.The proportionality assumption was verified visually and tested by like the site as a time-dependent covariate in the Cox model. The intention-to-treat secondary safety outcome was analyzed by means of a random-intercept logistic regression. Planned subgroup analyses of the principal end result were conducted by screening the interaction term between each pairwise comparison and the usage of alcoholic chlorhexidine for cutaneous antisepsis,19-21 antibiotic treatment,14 anticoagulation, body-mass index higher than 28,9 and selective site exclusion.13 Similarly, subgroup analyses for the secondary safety outcome were conducted according to whether ultrasonography was used to guide insertion.22 We used SAS software program, edition 9.4 , for the statistical analyses.