The seven standards represent six areas of cancer system activity: tumor committee leadership, cancers data management, clinical management, study, community outreach and quality improvement. Centers go through on-site evaluation by doctor surveyors. To qualify for the Outstanding Achievement Award, a center should be in compliance with 29 other program criteria also. Nationwide, 106 applications, or 22 % of the full total malignancy centers, received Outstanding Accomplishment Awards. In the Chicago region, just three centers besides Loyola received the award. Receiving treatment at a center certified by the Commission on Cancer ensures that a patient could have access to the entire range of quality cancer care close to home..Socialization problems: As mentioned above, a significant subset of children with ADHD has accompanying disruptive behavior disorders . In studies that followed children with ADHD into adulthood, between 12 percent-23 percent have socialization problems, versus 2 percent-3 percent of the general population.Drug abuse: Studies examining whether people that have ADHD have an increased likelihood for such high-risk behaviors are controversial.