Unusual TDP-43 protein causes death of astrocytes in electric motor neurone disease A discovery using stem cells from an individual with engine neurone disease may help research into treatments for the condition. The analysis used a patient's skin cells to create engine neurons – nerve cells that control muscle mass activity – and the cells that support them known as astrocytes. Researchers studied these two types of cells in the laboratory erectile dysfunction treatment . They discovered that a proteins expressed by abnormalities in a gene associated with motor neurone disease, which is called TDP-43, caused the astrocytes to die.

‘Clinicians will have a robust new tool to stem the progression of prostate tumor and extend sufferers’ lives. We are also motivated that Phase I/II scientific trials analyzing Abiraterone acetate in advanced breasts cancer individuals are also underway, emphasizing how discoveries in one area of cancer analysis can offer benefits in others.’ Outcomes of two Stage II trials reveal that Abiraterone may decrease prostate specific antigen levels, and also shrink tumors. Stage II trials reported significant improvements in sufferers’ quality of life and some were able to stop taking morphine, used to regulate the pain caused after the cancer spread to their bones.