14 signals that the collapse of our modern world has begun already A lot of people believe the world once we know it will end on December 23, 2012 erectile dysfunction . Nonsense, I say. The a lot more honest solution is that the end of the world as we know it has already begun. And it doesn’t mean the end of the world; the closing is meant by it of one era and the birth of a new one. It is a transition between your ages. This specific transition, however, guarantees to be probably the most tumultuous and costly transition humankind has ever noticed. But don’t hold out for December 2012 to consider the signs. Here are 14 signs that the world as we know it is unraveling right now. We are living through the end of one era and the birth of a new one. In the future, they’ll look back and call this all one moment in history, but when you’re coping with it, it appears to go forward at almost a snail’s pace.

We think that the associations of leprosy with rs9302752 and rs7194886 probably reflect the effects of regulatory variants on NOD2 expression. All the implicated gene variants, with the possible exception of those of LRRK2, seem to confer susceptibility to both paucibacillary and multibacillary forms of leprosy, indicating shared mechanisms underlying the advancement of the two clinical types of the disease. However, several gene variants seem to be more strongly associated with the multibacillary form of the disease compared to the paucibacillary form, and our data indicate a link between variants at the LRRK2 locus and the multibacillary type only.