Surgical removal is the mainstay of current treatment regimens for soft tissue sarcoma, but despite this, about half of patients develop distant metastases and die. Certain drugs, such as anthracyclines and ifosfamide, response rates response rates of 20-40 percent, but new drugs are needed.

They conclude:. This analysis has. In the initiation of two prospective studies to assess the role of trabectedin in the treatment of myxoid liposarcoma in the pre-operative and metastatic settings led evaluation Moreover, the selective mechanism of action for trabectedin in this translocation – related sarcoma is being studied.

Drug Derived From Sea Squirt Shows Potent Anti-tumor activity – The LancetThe sea – squirt derived drug trabectedin shows anti – tumor activity in more than half of the patients with a certain type of cancer, the authors published an article online and early. In the July issue of the Lancet Oncology Federica Grosso, Sarcoma Unit, National Tumor Institute, Milan, Italy, and colleagues in sarcoma centers in Boston, Lyon and ,, , a retrospective study of the effects of trabectedin in patients with advanced pretreated myxoid liposarcomas, a subtype of the liposarcoma group of cancers chromosomal translocations chromosomal translocations..Annotated the test of contraception service only carried Department of Health released, Anne Weyman, chief executive said fpa:.

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