But they also tell us that we are in this relationship, as only part of the answer to the enormously difficult question of how the health and success of our nation’s young people must try to ensure. .. The study found that the benefits of a mentor is usually not enough to overcome the negative impact of various risk factors predominate that many young people experience, such as poverty, unsafe neighborhoods and troubled family relationships. – The results of the positive difference that a mentoring relationship can highlight in the life a young person, said Dubois.

Mentors may also inadvertently model negative behaviors like smoking or drinking.

To the researchers.The study found that associated with a natural mentor was: – a higher probability of high school, attend college, and works at least 10 hours per week; – a decreased likelihood of a gang and having physically in a fight in a fight in the past year, and a lower risk tolerance.. – higher self-esteem and satisfaction with life; – a higher level of physical activity, as well as regular use of birth control.However, there is no evidence that natural mentors affect other outcomes, including binge drinking, drug use and smoking have.The researchers noted that mentors do not have the ability to offer a high level of control – an important factor in the prevention of drug abuse – if they only have periodic contact with youth.Immunological Replies people exposed to in order flu View all.

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