Contact:.States spend about $ 13M in dissuade dissuade women from abortion, Los Angeles Times reports,states in 2007 budgeted approximately $ 13 million of public funds family planning and pregnancy centers in an attempt to women from seeking abortions to dissuade subsidize , reports the Los Angeles Times . ,, at least eight states you use used to finance programs explicitly designed to guide women from abortions. Grants for such programs often prohibit consultants from referring women every clinic abortion, the Times reports, in some cases prohibit the grant consultant from discussing contraception. Some antiabortion advocates have said that the financing of both practical and symbolic and that it. A way of implementation of the state seal of approval on their work, said the Times Some abortion rights supporters have said more abortions would be be prevented if the state funding was contraceptive methods expand access to contraceptive methods. They have also, said the focus on abortion alternatives directs funds from primary care.

Ovarian cancer can mimic ectopic formationA new study suggests that ovarian cancer cells form by hijacking a developmental genetic process normally used to form fallopian tubes. Scientists at the Georgia Institute of Technology and the Ovarian Cancer Institute discovered that the protein is involved in the development of the fallopian tubes and is in ovarian cancer cells but not in normal ovarian tissue. The discovery not only provides a new target for diagnostic and therapeutic interventions, but also opens up new opportunities for basic research in ovarian cancer pathology. The research appears in Volume 104, Issue 3 of the magazine Gynceologic Oncology. – ‘Our findings receives the promise of a molecular genetic understanding of different cancers and emphasizes the importance of describing cancer in the context of normal human development has gone awry due to genetic and epigenetic changes,’said Nathan Bowen, Georgia Cancer Coalition Distinguished Scientist Cancer at Georgia Tech and the Ovarian Cancer Institute . In addition and non – cancer tissues straight from the operating room, Bowen and fellow OCI researchers in the study of molecular profile ovarian cancer tissue samples are to discover the causes of ovarian cancer works, develop a reliable diagnostic blood test and understand the genetic basis of resistance to chemotherapy.

Bladder cancers – combinationThe recommended dose of gemcitabine is 1,000 mg/m2, administered with 30 minutes of infusion. Which at days 1 on days 1, 8 and 15 each 28-day cycle cisplatin combination. Cisplatin is administered given below in a recommended dose of 70mg/m2 on day 1 day 2 gemcitabine or each cycle of 28 days. The four-week cycle is then repeated.

Gemcitabine was to patients with concurrent liver metastases or pre-existing history of the hepatitis, alcoholism , or cirrhosis of the liver is exacerbate the underlying hepatic failure. Caution in patients with hepatic.