Top medical innovators. Individuals facing difficult health challenges. Celebrities facing their personal medical crises . Then there are the health insurers and the cynical games some play. And we’re not going to ignore the health policy wonks – so wanting to impose their practical and not-so-sensible ideas on what we should eat, drink, and otherwise conduct ourselves. Did someone say health police? We’re the guys who watch THEM. HealthPOP – where wellness meets popular culture. Discover you online! -the editors at HealthPOP.. AMGA launches Workshop and Retreat Service The American Medical Group Association today unveiled the AMGA Workshop and Retreat Provider, which harnesses the expertise of leaders in AMGA’s member group to help medical groups and organized systems of care accelerate their learning curve in key strategic areas.They use brands, logos, pictures of the merchandise and even a spokescharacter as part of the game. ‘Compared to an average TV commercial that would last maybe 30 mere seconds, these games are fun and engaging and kids can play them for a lot longer periods of time,’ stated Elizabeth Taylor Quilliam, project co-director and associate professor of advertising and public relations. The researchers noted there are no constant specifications for what can or can’t be marketed to children and how the marketing should be performed. ‘We firmly believe that some kind of federally mandated plan must be addressed, so that there is way better control on the type and amount of advertising and also the types of foods that are promoted,’ Weatherspoon said.