She stated that had started throughout a pregnancy when she was 25 years aged and that despite acquiring prophylactic medication, she has had recurrent attacks a few times a year since. The pattern was that initial she would develop intense pain in both lower legs, and then areas of skin on her legs would break down and form unpleasant and shallow ulcers, which eventually healed leaving scars. She appeared to have adequate peripheral circulation and was slim, active and a non-smoker. She got as prophylaxis aspirin regularly, colchicine and indomethacin. No screening exams or other investigations had been performed. What is the aetiology of this condition? Provides Clare been treated properly?. A full case of livedo vasculopathy Livedo vasculopathy is a comparatively easy condition to diagnose but a challenging someone to manage.Overall safety was assessed as a second objective also. Primary efficacy results were analyzed in the modified intention-to-treat population . P values had been calculated with a likelihood-ratio test. Relative risks and 95 percent self-confidence intervals had been calculated by means of the two-by-two table method by using log-normal approximation. Binary variables were used for morphometric vertebral fracture, and in the entire case of lacking data on fracture status at 24 months, the data were imputed by using the last-observation-carried-forward method.