###The Rockefeller University in 1901 as the first institution dedicated to to the United States established solely to biomedical research – to understanding the underlying causes of diseases follow this web-site . The Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center was established in 1991 to focus on the basic science of AIDS and HIV in a research environment for the highest level of scientific creativity. Rockefeller and ADARC have a research collaboration for a decade.

About Ispines – is a novel small molecule inhibitor of the mitotic kinesin KSP Ispinesib one protein essential for cell division. Ispinesib is the first drug candidate in clinical development, to discover from a broad strategic collaboration between Cytokinetics and GSK to develop novel small molecule novel small molecule therapeutics for human mitotic kinesin applications in the treatment of cancer and other diseases has emerged. GSK leads a broad clinical program in ispinesib developed to these drug candidates in multiple tumor types, Combination therapies and dosing regimens studied. GSK is currently evaluating ispinesib in two Phase II studies in patients with each of ovarian and breast cancers and two Phase Ib clinical trials designed to run ispinesib in combination with each of carboplatin and capecitabine.

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