At the meeting Prof Sung Hoon Noh, a gastric doctor from Yonsei University University of Medicine, Korea, presented 5-yr follow-up from the phase III Vintage trial, which added mixture chemotherapy to a typical surgical procedure known as D2 gastrectomy. The chemotherapy regimen studied in the trial is called XELOX, which is a mix of the medications capecitabine and oxaliplatin. CLASSIC was a multinational open-label randomised phase III trial performed in South Korea, China and Taiwan.The G84E mutation was within 6 of 293 males who were getting treated for metastatic disease. Finally, we didn’t identify any extra G84E carriers among 84 unrelated topics of African descent with prostate cancer . Extra Novel Nonsynonymous HOXB13 Mutations In the initial targeted sequencing study of 94 families with hereditary prostate cancer, 1 proband from an African-American family was observed to possess a novel HOXB13 missense mutation was found in an African-Caribbean family members. This mutation was present in both subjects with prostate cancer for whom DNA was obtainable. Neither the R229G nor the G216C mutation was observed in approximately 1100 African-American topics in the Exome Sequencing Task.