Health Study may help predict autistic child’s sociable behavior Scientists learning toddlers on the autism spectrum say they have figured out a method to predict which of the children will proceed on to build up langua. For the brand new study, june 18 in Environmental Wellness Perspectives published, researchers reviewed data from the Nurses’ Health Study II, a long-running research project that kicked off in 1989 and tracked 116,430 nurses. Of these, the experts honed in on 325 ladies who had a kid with autism and 22, 000 women who had a kid without autism.Decrease barometric atmosphere pressure within the two or three days leading up to a person’s hospital visit also increased the risk of non-migraine headaches. Air pollution levels had zero affect on the chance of headache in the scholarly study. ‘Air temperature and pressure have been widely cited just as one trigger for headaches, particularly migraines, however the potential connection hasn’t been well-documented,’ says study author Kenneth Mukamal, MD, with Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Harvard and Center Medical School in Boston.