Request that uninsured residents of the state to enroll in one of these programs, if they take help;Do not cover the costs of health care for the residents of the state, the health insurance fail by the cancellation of the personal exemption on their state income taxes the placement of the placement of some or all of their state income tax refunds in a personal health spending account or the withdrawal of funds from their paychecks , – Reaction Linda Blumberg, an economist at the Urban Institute and Co – author of the BCBSM Foundation report said. If you’re going to just comprehensive services at an affordable level, I do not think you can do it with no new spending However, said Philip Johnston, chairman of the BCBSM Foundation and the Massachusetts democratic Party, he was thrilled . Romney is serious about providing affordable health care to all citizens of this state. Edward Kennedy called Romney proposal a healthy step forward, but he added that details of the services provided and the amount of cost-sharing individuals face critical to understanding this proposal, State Senate President Robert Travaglini said that he does not rule out the proposal, added: Nothing will be dismissed almost;. This is too important of a problem. Michael Cannon of the Cato Institute, said: All around us, we are signs that operate the government mandates and heavy-handed, command-and-control models provision of healthcare services provision of health services and the people leave the watch, but the governor seems to run on it. Karen Davis, president of the Commonwealth Fund, said: The sticking point is getting the affordability of coverage. It’s one thing to people who it to buy it. If they can not afford what you are doing? Fine them? in jail in prison .

Andrew Miga, Boston Herald: ‘Romney political resume is long on ambition but short on power – a potentially lethal combination for anyone to win the White House,’Miga writes in a commentary Herald ‘why Romney suddenly trumpet is a new one. Universal health care plan, ‘writes Miga, adds:’But it is doubtful Romney new health care proposal will flesh out his policy credentials – kaiser network or increase its national profile ‘ is known, health insurance health insurance ‘could be hundreds of millions of dollars more than state taxpayers currently provide for national health insurance,’according to some health experts said. Boston Globe reports. Romney on Tuesday that he proposed with funds currently used. Health care financing. Insurance coverage for uninsured residents of the state, however, a report said on Tuesday of the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation released that would make a similar proposal, an additional $ 700 million will cost the Romney proposal would.

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