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Clemson Community Photography Project

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Things to think about before making photographs to place here:


1. Read the other files here, especially Photo Tips and the two required forms, Photographer Info and Photograph ID.


2. Have a plan of what you are going to photograph, and check your equipment (and manual, if needed). Be certain your camera date is set correctly if using a digital camera.


3. Be prepared to provide the information we need to upload photos. This includes your contact information and information about each photo. You don't have to use the forms, but you do have to provide the information in a convenient way. In addition to the forms, you have to provide a page of thumbnails that shows the filename for each photo, or individual photographs with filenames and your name on the back. These may be scans if you use film, but digital files are required in either case.


4. Do some self-editing. Don't bring dozens of photos and ask us to choose. Pick the few that you think represent Clemson well and bring them.


5. Hard copy is required for all documentation. For photo files, this can be a CDROM, DVD, or flash memory. We do not accept files by upload or email.


6. If some of these things don't make sense to you, please understand that we become the custodian of YOUR photos when we accept them. We must have enough information to place them on this site with intelligence, and we must have your authorization to do so and the ability to contact you later, which is what this documentation does for us.


7. We encourage you to contact to ask any questions you might have before you start working on photos to place here.