He said, ‘My research has important implications for the understanding of the human psyche from a clinical perspective by casting light on how some species are caused by mental disorders, not only in the operating room, but in other circumstances well. ‘ – ‘. Psychologists have and continue to make, significant contributions to the theory and practice of anesthesia In addition, the induction of anesthesia provides opportunity nature of consciousness examine the nature of consciousness using experimental methods and systematic observation in the operating room.


Prof Wang was appointed Professor of Clinical Psychology, director of the clinical area and Course Director at the University in May 2005.Research topicProf Wang has a longstanding research interest in psychological aspects of anesthesia and in particular the problem of anesthesia awareness, which he followed in Leicester alongside colleagues in the academic department of anesthesia, in addition to his work as a director of Postgraduate Clinical Psychology Training Course.. He describes his approach to dealing with worm similar to similar to figure out how a machine, like a car is composed.Kvistg about, January 2009 Asger Aamund Chair? – Forward-looking statementsThis release may contain forward-looking statements that involve risks, uncertainties and other factors have, many of which are beyond under our control, that could actual results to be discussed in of the forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements include statements regarding our plans, future events, third-generation / or other information that is not historical information.

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