Producing evidence-based medical decisions. Using validated documentation practices to support patient care. Developing and implementing treatment plans. ADAPT can be an exciting, transformative, skills building plan for pharmacists, stated APhA Executive Vice President and CEO, Thomas E. Menighan, BSPharm. MBA, ScD , FAPhA. This program provides another device along pharmacists’ professional advancement continuum and a system to gain recognition. The knowledge, skills and performance features obtained by those completing the program will help them assume greater patient care functions as users of the healthcare group.Due to this activity the cervix softens and the uterus end up being formed by the liner detaches and is pushed away. Then the bleeding starts as a result of Mifepristone mechanism. Misoprostol is taken after 1-3 times of usage of Mifepristone. It contracts the uterus which causes the slim lining to drop and expel out from uterus. This total results in termination of pregnancy. How Long is Abortion Pills Procedure It requires three-four weeks for abortion method to get completed. If Mifepristone is taken only then the abortion will get completed within hours or days. But when Mifepristone and Misoprostol are used together then the abortion process will get finished within four hours of Misoprostol consumption. The success rate can be high in using both medications together.