NIH provides more than $25 billion a 12 months to cover scientific and medical analysis conducted at general public and private institutions through the entire nation. The editorial personnel has extensive knowledge producing scientific research publications, including experience with The Lancet, Nature, Journal of Clinical Investigation, British Medical Journal, and others. Editors say they are consciously creating a journal with global medical relevance. According to the World Health Firm, only ten % of medical analysis focuses on disease and circumstances that take into account 90 % of global health problems. Moreover, the outcomes of the study that focuses on global health issues tend to be inaccessible to nearly all healthcare providers who require it most in other parts of the world.Tau stabilizes proteins that are responsible for the structure and transportation in neuronal cells. Abnormal accumulation of modified tau protein is a respected indicator in a variety of neurodegenerative conditions including Alzheimer's Disease, Progressive Supranuclear Corticobasal and Palsy Degeneration. In these conditions, the development of tau pathology correlates with clinical disease progression strongly. ‘The necessity for new methods and therapies to handle Alzheimer's disease is critical,’ said Jim Sullivan, Ph.D., vice president, pharmaceutical discovery, AbbVie. ‘C2N's portfolio of anti-tau antibodies represents one of the most promising methods to delaying progression of devastating neurodegenerative disease.