Not only would it not take years to reach the Red Planet but our bones, muscle groups and joints would crumble under gravity on go back to Earth. UQ researchers have shown the harsh realities of space travel and its toll on the human body using results from a European Space Agency bedrest study. These were not capable to get right up to brush their tooth, bathe or visit the toilet. Related StoriesAfrican-Americans who did not take part in exercise nearly twice as likely to abuse alcoholExercise can protect brain function, decrease occurrence of PTSDEarly physical therapy provides just modest benefits for recent-onset low back painSeveral international researchers took part in the study with UQ physiotherapists Associate Professor Carolyn Richardson, Dr Julie Hides and senior engineering lecturer Dr Stephen Wilson in charge of analysing muscle dysfunction around the backbone and pelvis.OSA is now broadly recognized as a significant public wellness concern and studies have linked OSA with an increase of risk of coronary disease and motor vehicle incidents. OSA is usually diagnosed using polysomnography , a method that measures a patient’s breathing and oxygen level during sleep. PSG is conducted at special healthcare services generally, resulting in limited accessibility to patients, in rural areas specifically. PSG is costly and patients have limited usage of this specialized testing. In recent years, the make use of of less costly, more accessible portable home monitoring to diagnose and manage sufferers with OSA has obtained favor, but studies regarding its individual and use outcomes lack.