Most said they slept less than seven nights through the month poorly. But those who said they slept poorly on 21 to 29 nights were less likely to have access to green areas or other natural areas than those who said they slept poorly on less than seven nights. The link between good rest and contact with natural areas was stronger for males than for women, the researchers found. Living near parks and additional natural areas can enhance seniors’ physical activity levels, that may help them rest better, Grigsby-Toussaint explained. She said the stronger link between green areas and rest among men could reflect women’s reluctance to benefit from such areas out of concern because of their safety.Results from these clinical studies call for a greater focus on protecting the facial skin from pollution, and protecting scalp skin from environmental stressors, which can have a significant impact on skin health. P&G possess matched scientific understanding with item advancement with Head & Shoulders, as it really helps to deliver total scalp defends and health against external aggressors that can aggravate the dandruff condition, ultimately offering sufferers life time security from dandruff with regular make use of.. AMD LASERS launches Picasso Lite soft cells dental laser AMD LASERS today announced the introduction of the Picasso Lite soft tissue dental laser.