National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence Starts work on setting quality standards, UK – welcomes the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence , the payment of four clinical areas by the Department of Health after consultation with the National Quality Board and will begin work on the development of NICE quality standards for the NHS with a pilot process.

She explained that standards should clarify what high quality care looks like in order to:.

NICE has launched a pilot project to develop its first quality standards and plans on the ongoing development process consult with later this summer. Developed the first NICE quality standards by the pilot process will be published in early 2013. – Val Moore, NICE Implementation Director, said: Quality is supplied at the heart of of the care of all parts of the NHS, and this is an exciting opportunity for NICE to the standards by which this quality can be measured, we have set a. Between valuation process to the NICE quality standards to develop expertise in clinical and experts to draw on Public Health, Royal Colleges and specialist societies, commissioners and service providers.Results of of drug trials must remain open to public supervision.

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