He later found that his treatment also cured skin tuberculosis, diabetes and cancer. His popular therapy was centered on the intake of organic vegetable and fruit drinks. The existing Gerson therapy contains the intake of up to 13 daily cups of natural juices using carrots, apples and greens, along with three cooked vegetarian meals. Dr. Natasha Campbell, writer of Gut and Psychology Syndrome, recommends juicing as part of her dietary protocol to heal and detoxify those experiencing a range of ailments including autism, ADD, depression and schizophrenia.Cheating usually arises as a total result of using your body system momentum when training. Cheating will hinder your muscles from exceptional stress due to undertaking the weight training exercise session. The only way the muscles can be able to grow is by being exposed to the stress during weight training. If you find yourself spending a lot of time in the fitness center without any success then you probably aren’t training using proper type. 4. Avoid injuries In order to boost your body mass, you are supposed to lift very weighty weights and this exposes you to the opportunity of getting injuries. You should avoid injuries to enable you to boost your body mass therefore.