Featured in the cover article of the April 2004 problem of Structure, University of Virginia College of Medicine researcher Zygmunt Derewenda, Ph.D., describes how his group was able to coax particular proteins to crystallize by properly altering their surfaces using ‘targeted mutagenesis.’ In effect, the technique substitutes a small amino acid for several large ones. This effectively shrinks bulky groups of atoms on proteins surfaces that might otherwise avoid the proteins from crystallizing. ‘To be able to determine a high-quality structure of a proteins, we need to research it in its crystal type,’ Derewenda explained. ‘Yet many proteins do not crystallize conveniently, or even at all, with current laboratory methods. Using our strategy, we are able to now make a few of these proteins even more amenable to crystallization without significantly affecting their overall structure or function.’ Already, the crystal engineering technique provides helped solve the structures of some particularly stubborn proteins, including the so-known as V antigen of Yersinia pestis, the bacterium that causes the plague.Who cares as long as it markets? Did you know that there are manure ‘lagoons’ that shop untreated doo-doo that create enormous amounts of methane that contribute the most to global warming? Therefore, cooling the earth is simple – reduce flesh usage. We, in the nice ol’ USA, lead the global globe in the consumption of flesh products. We also business lead the world in arthritis, tumor, diabetes, stroke and all sorts of other nutrients. Imagine what the options could be if we cut back drastically. How then could we decrease factory farming? If we cut in the past on poultry intake there would be much less birds to factory farm. Let’s cut to the chase: turkeys are bred to gain large amounts of weight in an exceedingly short period of time.