In this latest study, the researchers found it could only benefit some of for for women in their 50s and those within 10 years after menopause, but there is no evidence that the heart health benefits for older women or those who start HRT years after the menopause years after menopause.

About theThe Work Foundation’s Fit for Work project is supported by a research grant from Abbott, a global, broad – based health care company supported. Fit for Work reports independently of the Work Foundation, with full editorial control rests with the Work Foundation alone produced.This workshop Towards a cure: HIV reservoir and strategies to to control it , took checked basic researchers, clinical researcher, science writers, community leaders and research funding agencies from across the world and discuss the latest findings about HIV reservoir and to tackle that and how does it might be possible one day full control of complete control of the virus in of an infected person.. May HIV infection still be cured? The view of efficient control HIV persistency on infected individuals was the theme a high-level, two-day meeting researchers here to the evening before the AIDS 2013 include, assembles the bi-annual international conference on the HIV researcher, funders, politician and solicitors.

Failing treated successfully individuals HIV remains concealed in specific cells called HIV reservoirs several chambers a plurality of chambers of the body. Patients must still maintain at ARV treatment an indefinite period in a attempt to make these virus reservoirs under control. Otherwise to end the therapy the virus rebounds due to the activation viral reservoirs. The science in this area is developing rapidly, however HIV persistence remains a challenge, 2008 2008 Nobel Prize for Medicine, upcoming President-elect of the IAS and workshops Chair Francoise Barr-Sinoussi? There is a strong need for additional investment in research for better understand why and how HIV infection consists during therapy release this mystery is crucial for develop future therapeutic strategies depend depend at lifelong therapy..