It’s also feasible that flavonoids in chocolate may reduce blood concentrations of poor cholesterol and decrease blood pressure.’ Many prior studies regarding chocolate and cocoa consumption determined that chocolates sources were most appropriate. This study discovered that the sort of chocolate consumed had not been a factor and conferred the same results no matter cocoa content. Nutrition professionals still recommend consuming chocolates with an 85 % coca content in order to avoid excessive dietary sugar and considerably lower threat of stroke and coronary disease.. A daily dose of chocolate is shown to help prevent stroke in men A wealth of scientific evidence continues to demonstrate the powerful health benefits of consuming a multitude of polyphenols from organic foods.‘The acquisition of AqueSys and its XEN45 plan builds onAllergan'sdeep and long-standing dedication to innovation in eyes care,’ saidBrent Saunders, CEO and President of Allergan. ‘Our eyes care team includes a strong history of introducing novel treatments for patients with glaucoma. The acquisition of the XEN45 device demonstrates our dedication to alternative next-generation glaucoma treatments which are attractive to both sufferers and doctors and extend beyond conventional medication eyedrops.’ The acquisition of AqueSys adds XEN45, a soft shunt that is implanted in the subconjunctival space in the eye through a minimally invasive treatment with a single use, pre-loaded proprietary injector. The proprietary XEN45 technology facilitates aqueous fluid flow to lower Intra-Ocular Pressure while avoiding the prospect of hypotony that is associated with current subconjunctival techniques.