This study found that stroke risk declined 14 % for each and every additional 50 grams of chocolate consumed. Dr. Larsson concluded The beneficial aftereffect of chocolate intake on stroke may be related to the flavonoids in chocolate. Flavonoids appear to be protective against coronary disease through antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-clotting properties. It’s also feasible that flavonoids in chocolate may reduce blood concentrations of poor cholesterol and reduce blood circulation pressure. Many prior research concerning cocoa and chocolate intake determined that chocolates sources were most beneficial. This study found that the sort of chocolate consumed had not been a factor and conferred the same results irrespective of cocoa content.PEM scanners are high-resolution breast PET systems that may show the location and also the metabolic phase of a lesion. PEM scanners, which are about the size of an ultrasound program, are manufactured by Naviscan, Inc. And have been available since 2007 commercially.

Advanced Cell Technology demonstrates efficient process for the generation of high-purity hepatocytes highly Advanced Cell Technology, Inc. Provides reported for the first time a robust and extremely efficient process for the era of high-purity hepatocytes . The extensive research, described online in the journal STEM CELLS, signifies a significant step towards the effective era of hepatocytes for use in regenerative medicine and drug discovery. Moreover, the research represents a different one of Advanced Cell Technology ‘ s efforts targeted at the large-scale differentiation of individual embryonic stem cells into critical alternative cell types.