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The study found study author, that women are two to three cups of caffeinated coffee per day consuming 25 % lower risk of death from heart disease and a 18 % lower risk of death by something other than cancer or heart disease was compared with non-consumers during follow-up. From one ‘ll hear from one of the study authors, Rob Van Dam, of the Harvard Medical School.. The study found and mortality, diabetes and hearing loss – Two new studies in the Annals of Internal MedicineThis month Internal Medicine report addresses two important studies: Coffee drinking and mortality , and a connection between diabetes and hearing loss.There is good news for coffee drinkers.After to the agency, 56 % the center budget for HIV / AIDS program have been planned, while 30 % of were on family planning and of primary health care. Lynn Salas, president of in El Paso Planned Parenthood, said, ‘The[ Planned Parenthood Federation of America] thought of ourselves AIDS / HIV programs had such a we became not focused enough on the core task, and we began to in mid-March to still work are still working out ‘ plan.. United States May HIV / AIDS to move Programmes around the their services to Refocus.

The Planned Parenthood Center of El Paso has concentrate his focus its services of family planning and women’s health, and it is likely its HIV / AIDS to shift supporting windows of other suppliers such services such services, according to local agency Board Chairman, to El Paso Times says.

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