It is bewildering that lots of hospital staff operating in America today are less informed about transmission vectors of Ebola than on the web bloggers. While medical staff are running around with inadequate protective gear wholly, online independent writers and bloggers are screaming about ‘positive pressure hazmat matches’ and ‘full-face respirators,’ to no avail apparently. Somehow, this message through continues to be not getting, and health authorities continue to connect to Ebola patients and possible second-generation illness victims without taking correct medical precautions. See this article on Natural News for a visual look at the inadequate safety gear still being worn by front-line medical staff.20, 2015, the authors notice, was another in what is apparently an increasingly frequent group of energetic shooter incidents in U.S. Health care facilities. We wish to think that hospitals aren’t an area that would be subject to harm, and maybe that's so why they are needed by all of us to be free and accessible and not overly secure just like a fortress, said co-author Dr. Eli Adashi, previous dean of medication and biological sciences at Brown University.