For an artist’s depiction of DNA packaging and topography, head to.. A new approach for detecting functional genomic regions A team that includes researchers from the National Institutes of Wellness has found a fresh way of detecting functional areas in the individual genome. The novel approach involves searching at the three-dimensional shape of the genome’s DNA and not simply reading the sequence of the four-letter alphabet of its DNA bases. In a paper released in the early online edition of Research, a group led by Elliott Margulies, Ph.D., of the National Human Genome Research Institute , and Thomas Tullius, Ph.D., of Boston University, described an innovative approach for detecting functional genomic regions. By merging computer and chemical analyses, the researchers can survey the landscape, or topography, of DNA structure for areas likely to play a key role in biological function.All You Had a need to Know About Abortion Abortion may be the term which is used to describe the termination of being pregnant in human beings, usually deliberately, leading to the killing of the fetus in the womb so that child birth does not take place. The termination of pregnancy can either happen instinctively or can be persuaded. When it spontaneously occurs, it is known as a miscarriage whereas when it occurs on is certainly or will induced, it is named an abortion.