If our country’s wellness authorities acquired any brains, they’d atmosphere this film on nationwide television weekly for a year, merely to educate and inform people about how to avoid the simple items that destroy their wellness. But alas, our nation’s health authorities are bit more than puppets, possessed and controlled by the very corporations manufacturing and offering the junk products that are destroying the fitness of an entire generation. There’s no way they would let this documentary make it to prime-time television. This is the film they desperately wish you never see. This is actually the documentary they wish would go away. It’s just the type of damning details linking junk food with catastrophic health that Big Food wants to make disappear as fast as possible. In fact, your act of viewing this film is, all by itself, an act of passionate protest against the companies that would love nothing more than to turn you right into a brain-dead, disease-maintained feeding machine that lives a whole life time as an ignorant, manipulated customer.Make a bug-out bag. That is important; that is a kit, essentially, that you will have to get you from point A to stage B, the latter becoming the location where you will wait around out the crisis. Fortunately, there are several locations online where one can analysis what your bug-out handbag should contain . Essentially, you should have some essentials – – medical and survival equipment, backup communications, spare cash, change of clothing and copies of files. You can purchase pre-made kits also. 4. Make an emergency contact list. This will include family and friends, and also emergency solutions like fire, law enforcement and medical. 5. Figure out an escape path. If stuff hits the lover, you might not be safe what your location is, especially in a city, so you’ll need a fallback area – – and a plan to get there.