Secondly, your body uses exercise to help move toxins and fat out of the body. This may effectively reverse a few of the effects of high cholesterol while flushing out the triglycerides and extra fat you consume. High levels of poor cholesterol shall cut many years off your lifespan. But, with these three wise suggestions, you can lower that risk and experience immediate results. Imagine feeling better and living longer with a few short and simple steps.. 3 Ways To Dramatically Lower Your Cholesterol Within 3 months An estimated 50 percent of all Americans have high cholesterol.Allow open book testing Give multiple choice instead of short answer questions Allow use of dictionary or calculator during check Provide extra time to finish Allow testing in a distraction-free environment Allow student to work on homework while at college Give frequent reminders about payment dates Give brief assignments Develop reward program for homework completed Assistive technology is any piece of product or apparatus used to increase, maintain, or improve useful capabilities of people with disabilities. It serves to augment an individual’s strengths, and to offer an alternative setting of performing a task.