S. Hospitals in 2008 averaged about $18,000 each day, based on the Agency for Health care Research and Quality. These patients were probably to be in a healthcare facility for treatment of septicemia, or blood disease, hardening of the arteries, and heart attacks What are the side effects for acyclovir? . O Were older – average age of 59 versus 48 years.

The authors of the study say the biological co-element induced by malaria has contributed significantly to the spread of HIV and fueled a rise in adult malaria an infection rates. The researchers estimate that thousands of HIV attacks can be blamed upon this co-infection. In addition they say genital herpes and tuberculosis are suspected of increasing the likelihood of infection also. The study is released in the journal Science.. Malaria and AIDS move hand in hand Researchers believe they may well be a link between two of the biggest killers in Africa, malaria and AIDS. The researchers from the Fred Hutchinson Tumor Research Center and the University of Washington, suggest both diseases interact in such a real method that they spread faster.